Featured course: 100 Service Design Principles

This course teaches you 100 tips, ideas and principles to improve the user and customer experience of your service or product.
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Course: 100 Service Design Principles

100 tips for better customer and user experience is perfect for people struggling to make the life of their customers easier or get those pissed users love you.

Digital Download: Service Design Principles 1-100

100 ideas to improve the user and customer experience in simple and practical ways.

Digital Download: A Tiny History of Service Design

A tiny two hour read ebook that goes through the historical events that created what Service Design is today.

Free Course: What is Service Design?

In this tiny course you'll learn what Service Design and why it is so powerful to enhance the user and customer experience.
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Course: What is the Service Designer mindset?

A tiny course to learn how service designers think differently in order to create better services and understand their customers
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Course: What is the Service design process?

Discover 11 processes or models that Service Designers use when they start a new project.
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Interviews for lazy people

Learn how to make interviews that produce good results but without too much effort.

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Course: Storytelling insights for better services

Learn what storytelling can teach us to create better services.
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Workshop presentation template

Quickly build slides for your next workshop with this template

Workshop planner template

The Service Rollercoaster Model

Learn how to create story-like rhythms in your customer journey
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About the Swiss Innovation Academy

The Swiss Innovation Academy is a side project by Service Designer Daniele Catalanotto. The goal is to make innovation skills accessible to small teams.
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