Start learning today: 100 Service Design Principles

This course teaches you 100 tips, ideas and principles to improve the user and customer experience of your service or product.
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I feel honored that people working in these organizations use or recommend my content 💌 ☺️

Let’s bring innovation skills back down to earth.

Swiss Innovation Academy is a project to make innovation skills used by big successful companies accessible to bakeries, dentists, churches and any other small team serving other humans. 

What are innovation skills?

Innovation skills help you find new solution to complex problems, reduce risk and get shit done faster.  

  1. 💌 Empathy: listening and understanding to what your users, colleagues and partners want and need
  2. 🤝 Co-creation: collaborating with all these people to find solutions together
  3. 🛠 Prototyping: building and testing drafts of your ideas faster

Meet the coach

I'm Daniele an Innovation Coach and Service Designer from Switzerland.

I worked with clients from all over the world to help them find innovative solutions to their problem. I've been blessed to be able to learn a lot. Today I want to share  these learnings back with the community. That's why I've built the Swiss Innovation Academy.
Daniele Catalanotto
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