Course: 100 Service Design Principles by Daniele Catalanotto

Course: 100 Service Design Principles

Stop struggling to get those pissed customers and users to love you! Learn 100 simple principles that you can apply today to enhance your customer experience.
I feel honored that people working in these organizations use or recommend my content 💌 ☺️

Hi, I’m Daniele. I’ve curated 100 tips for better customer and user experience. These tips help people like you make pissed users love you again.

I am a Service Designer and Customer Experience specialist. For the last 9 years, I have worked across the world to curate 100 tips to improve customer and user experience with ease.

What you’ll learn

If you’ve always wanted to...
  • Improve the customer experience of your business,
  • Enhance your customer retention, and
  • Do service design with a small budget

...then this course is for you!
In this course, I’ve included 100 videos principles that will teach you everything you need to know, including
  • The basics of service design,
  • How you can make people less frustrated,
  • How to find out if you make people feel like shit,
  • How to do service design without an additional budget, and 
  • How to use the power of psychology to create better experiences.

A practical course
It is a very practical course that will teach you simple principles to
  • Avoid missed appointments with a stupidly simple trick,
  • Enhance your conversion rate by being lazy,
  • Make the waiting experience suck less,
  • Reduce cleaning costs with a bit of fun, and
  • Solve problems without spending huge amounts of money.

Beyond the myth and preconceived ideas
This course also breaks some popular myths about customer experience and service design. You learn, for example, that
  • You don’t need to be a big team to enhance your customer experience,
  • Customer experience and Service Design features can be simple to implement,
  • Technology is not the solution to every user experience problem, 
  • Big problems don’t always need big solutions, and
  • It’s sometimes better to work on the perception of the problem than to work on the problem itself.

Based on a book loved by 1300+ readers across 6 continents

This course is an enhanced and video version of the book Service Design Principles 1-100 which has received lots of love from readers all around the world. 

So, I decided to make its content even more accessible with an online course of over 100 videos describing these principles.


Daniele's course is one of a kind. It's very practical, extremely informative, and funny along the way! The collection of principles are fantastic. They definitely serve me in serving customers and users a more enjoyable and memorable experience. Would 100% recommend.
Alice H, London

I designed this course for people who don't give a fuck about Service Design but want to make their customers happier

Simple and straight to the point
The objective of this course is that you don’t need to understand the full extent of Service Design to improve user and customer experience. You don’t need to completely understand the theory to create great services. 

Principles you can apply today!
Simple principles that you can bring into your practice today and are of great value for

  • Business owners who want to improve their business and enhance customer retention and lifetime value,
  • Service professionals who want practical tips to better support their customers and users, and
  • User Experience Designers and other designers who want to take into account the user experience not only in the digital world but in all touchpoints that users go through.

Where do these principles come from?

I’ve gathered the principles described in this course both from my personal experience as a Service Designer and from studies of people much smarter than me like Nobel Prize winners

These are a few of the sources that inspired the principles of this course:

  • My nine-year-old design and consulting practice,
  • Travels and projects around the world,
  • Behavioral economics studies,
  • Psychological studies, and
  • Personal frustrations and great experiences in everyday services.

What’s included in the course pack?

This course is made to transform what you learn into concrete action! That’s why I’ve created additional content and tools that will not only help you learn but also bring real change into your business or service.

100 videos explaining the principles

In these 100 videos, I present each principle with a short story. These videos are short so that you’ll never get bored. 

A student handbook designed for action

I prepared for you an action booklet that will help you take notes during the course. The format of the handbook is designed to help you transform your thoughts into concrete actions with proper deadlines and tasks.

Interactive quizzes with tiny chatbots

To remember well what you’ve learned, I created five mini chatbots that will quiz you on the material.

A personal video-call coaching session worth $300

With your course, you’ll get the chance to have a 25-minute personal coaching session via video call. This is the opportunity to ask questions about the course or ask for advice about a customer experience problem you might have at work.

Get a sneak peek

Below you’ll see the full table of contents. I made a few videos in each chapter free to preview 👇 so that you have an idea of the type of content I teach in this course.

What's included?

Video Icon 100 videos File Icon 13 files Text Icon 42 text files


About this course
How to schedule your personal 25-minute coaching session
1. What Are the Basics of Service Design?
Principle 001- The First Draft of Anything Is Shit
1 min
Principle 002 - Selling Is Not the End, It’s the Start
2 mins
Principle 003 - Make It Easy for Customers to Come Back
1 min
Principle 004 - Always Think About What Happens Before and After Your Service
2 mins
Principle 005 - Every Customer Mistake Is Your Mistake
2 mins
Principle 006 - It’s Your Fucking Job to Know What I Should Buy
2 mins
Homework: What basic element are you missing?
Homework introduction
Quiz: Did the learnings stick?
2. How Can You Make People Less Frustrated?
📌 2.1 Error Management
Principle 007 - Don’t Solve Every Problem You Are Asked to Solve
2 mins
Principle 008 - Do the Penis Test and Think About What Could Go Wrong
1 min
Principle 009 - Let Users Undo Their Mistakes
2 mins
Principle 010 - Explain Why This Error Just Happened
2 mins
Principle 011 - Suggest Something After the Error
6 mins
Principle 012 - Stop Giving Coupons When You Failed
2 mins
Recommended Article: On Writing Interfaces Well
Homework: How can you better handle errors?
Bonus Homework: Mystery Shopping and Error Management
📌 2.2 Waiting
Principle 013 - Just Tell Me How Much Time I Have to Wait
2 mins
Principle 014 - Let Me Imagine the Waiting Time
2 mins
Principle 015 - The Length of the Line Is as Important as the Waiting Time
1 min
Principle 016 - After an 8-Minute Wait, People Will Abandon
2 mins
Principle 017 - Tell Me as Soon as Possible That You Can’t Do Anything for Me
2 mins
Principle 018 - Phone Chargers Help People Wait in Peace
2 mins
Principle 019 - It’s Torture to Forbid People from Using Their Smartphone
2 mins
Principle 020 - Stupid Aquariums Make People Forget Time
2 mins
Homework: How can you make the waiting time suck less?
📌 2.3 Pricing
Principle 021 - The Problem Is Not the Interface, It’s the Pricing
2 mins
Principle 022 - Show Me Your Damn Pricing
2 mins
Principle 023 - The Price Changes the Quality Without Any Other Change
1 min
Homework: How can you simplify your pricing?
📌 2.4 Impersonal services
Principle 024 - Just Remember Me
2 mins
Principle 025 - Ask Unnecessary Emotional Information
2 mins
Principle 026 - Making It Personal Is Different for Every Culture
2 mins
Principle 027 - Don’t Force Me to Call You
2 mins
Principle 028 - Don’t Create Groups of More Than 150 People
2 mins
Homework: How can you make your service more personal?
📌 2.5 Technology
Principle 029 - Tools Are Not the Problem but the Symptom
2 mins
Principle 030 - Making It Digital Won’t Make It Smarter
2 mins
Principle 031 - Scheduled Automation Is Stupid
2 mins
Principle 032 - A Bot Won’t Help Shape Your Culture
2 mins
Principle 033 - I Prefer Bots over Fake Humans
2 mins
Principle 034 - Let Me Speak with a Human
3 mins
Principle 035 - Why Can’t I Answer This Email?
2 mins
Principle 036 - It’s Now Time to Websites That React to the Context
2 mins
Principle 037 - To Improve Your Service, Start by Paying Your Employees Well
2 mins
Homework: What should you do by hand?
📌 2.6 Workplace
Principle 038 - Make Your Employees Happy, They Will Be Better Service Providers
1 min
Principle 039 - Work Can Wait
2 mins
Principle 040 - Your Open Space Is like Hell
2 mins
Principle 041 - Mistakes Are Worthy Only If You Share Them
2 mins
Principle 042 - Employees Should Check Their Emails Less Often
2 mins
Principle 043 - Put Some Stupid Plants to Make Your Workplace Better
1 min
Principle 044 - You Need to Repeat a Behavior for 66 Days to Create a New Habit
2 mins
Recommended Book: Rework
Homework: What can you do to make your employees more happier?
📌 2.6 Naming
Principle 045 - Give Everything a Name
2 mins
Principle 046 - Stop Inventing Silly Names for Standard Stuff
2 mins
Principle 047 - Don’t Assume That I Know How to Spell Your Company Name
2 mins
Recommended Tool: Typo generator
Homework: How can you use naming for a better customer experience?
📌2.7 Other frustrations
Principle 048 - Your Opening Hours Don’t Make Any Sense
2 mins
Principle 049 - I Don’t Want to Schedule an Appointment When There Is Someone at the Counter
1 min
Principle 050 - Choose the Proper Sound to Alert Your Users
2 mins
Principle 051 - Always Look for the People Who Accompany Your Users
2 mins
Principle 052 - Help Me Remember My Room or Parking Number
2 mins
Principle 053 - Send Customers to Your Competitors
1 min
Principle 054 - Allow What Your Competitors Don’t
2 mins
Principle 055 - Frustrate Rude Customers
1 min
Homework: How can you fix the little frustrations of your service?
Quiz: Did the learnings stick?
3. How to Find out If You Make People Feel like Shit?
Principle 056 - Eat Your Own Shit
2 mins
Principle 057 - Use the Honestly, Would You Do That? Test
2 mins
Principle 058 - Be Ready to Get Slapped by Your Customers If You Ask Them Feedback
1 min
Principle 059 - Great Ideas from Yesterday Might Suck Today
2 mins
Principle 060 - Test Your Service with Extreme Users Who Will Break Everything
2 mins
Principle 061 - Don’t Ask Observe Behaviors
2 mins
Principle 062 - Don’t Ask for Feedback, Hunt for Feedback
2 mins
Principle 063 - Do Not Send Surveys to a Small Team
2 mins
Recommended Tutorial: How to use Advanced Search on Twitter
Homework: How can you find out the frustrations of your customers?
Quiz: Did the learnings stick?
4. How to Do Service Design Without a Budget for It?
📌4.1 Big problems don't need big solutions
Principle 064 - Adding More Resources Won’t Always Solve the Problem
1 min
Principle 065 Forget Complex Technology, Just Use Some Stupid Paper
2 mins
Principle 066 - Save 2 Million with a Simple Checklist
2 mins
Principle 067 - Pets Can Help with Depression and Health
3 mins
Principle 068 - Reduce Cleaning Costs by Putting a Fly Sticker in the Urinal
2 mins
Principle 069 - Beauty Reduces Pain
2 mins
Principle 070 A Good Sticker Can Reduce Thefts by 62%
2 mins
Principle 071 - Candies Make People Smarter
1 min
Recommended Article: Spring Cleaning Workshop
Homework: What are the tiny solutions to the big problems of your service?
📌4.2 Be lazy and don't reinvent the wheel
Principle 072 - Keep It Simple Stupid
2 mins
Principle 073 - When You Add This, Remove That
2 mins
Principle 074 - It’s Okay If Your Website Looks like Every Other Website
2 mins
Principle 075 - Don’t Build Custom Software for Your Business
2 mins
Principle 076 - Let Employees Use Their Own Apps
2 mins
Principle 077 - Print in Black and White
1 min
Homework: In what aspects of your service could you be lazy?
📌 4.3 Don't solve the problem, fix the perception
Principle 078 - People Don’t Know That You Are Doing a Great Job
2 mins
Principle 079 - You Will Be Seen as a Better Service If You Do Only One Thing
2 mins
Principle 080 - Good Design Helps You Sell Things for Twice the Usual Price
1 min
Principle 081 - One Wow Effect Is Enough
2 mins
Principle 082 - Do Small Updates and Sell Revolutions
2 mins
Principle 083 - A Swimsuit Can Make Your Event Different
2 mins
Recommended Video: Perspective is Everything
Homework: For which problems should you work on the perception?
Quiz: Did the learnings stick?
5. How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Service?
📌 5.1 How to build trust
Principle 084 - You Are a Liar, so Let Me Ask Other Customers
2 mins
Principle 085 - You Need 10 Reviews to Build Trust
1 min
Principle 086 - Sharing Your Bias Builds Trust
2 mins
Principle 087 - Use the IKEA Effect to Make Your Users Proud
2 mins
Homework: How can you create more trust in your service?
📌5.2 How to help people change behavior
Principle 088 - Offer Less Choices to Improve Customer Experience
2 mins
Principle 089 - 90% of Your Website Content Is Useless
2 mins
Principle 090 - Focus on Smaller Short-Term Goals
2 mins
Principle 091 - To Get People to Act, Show the Losses Instead of the Wins
2 mins
Principle 092 - Reduce Missed Appointments with a Simple Stupid Sentence
2 mins
Principle 093 - Ask People to Name When and Where They Will Perform a New Habit
2 mins
Principle 094 - Don’t Motivate People with Money
2 mins
Principle 095 - 95% of People Stick to the Default Option
2 mins
Homework: How can you help your customer change their behavior?
📌5.3 How to use rythme to create better services?
Principle 096 - Under Promise, over Deliver
2 mins
Principle 097 - Start with the Boring Stuff Then Excite Me Little by Little
2 mins
Principle 098 - Always End a Service with a High Peak
2 mins
Principle 099 - Uncertainty Makes Users Safer
2 mins
Principle 100 - Friction Can Help People to Be Less Stupid
2 mins
Recommended Book: Nudge
Homework: How can you create a better rhythm in your service?
Quiz: Did the learnings stick?
Going further
Final homework
Five Resources To Go Further
Thank you


This course is super expensive!

Indeed! This course gives you the hard-learned lessons from my practice and the principles that you can apply today without having to learn all the complex tools and methods that service designers use.

If you are looking for alternatives to this course, you’ll find plenty that are focused on the methods and tools but that don’t give tips you can use right away.
  • The course by Jon Kolko is cheaper and I recommend it if you want an introduction to the tools and methods. 
  • There is another one by IDEO which is more expensive than this course. 

Who is the author?

I’m Daniele Catalanotto. I’ve been given many titles in the past few years: Communication Director, Senior Design Strategist, Senior Innovation Consultant or Service Designer.

I’ve worked with small companies as well as big international players. But I have to admit that I have an unconditional love for the small players, the small businesses that work locally and are a part of our everyday life. It’s for these people who don’t give a fuck about service design or innovation but still love their customers that I love to work with the most.

In the last year, I published two books on service design which I’m deeply passionate about. One of these books has been used as the basis for this course.

For the fancier details, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

How long does it take to follow this course?

You could binge watch this course in an afternoon but you’ll miss the exercises and the additional readings. 

I recommend you take two to four weeks to follow this course. But as this is a self-paced course, just start with it and find your own rhythm.

Will I become a service designer with this course?

Nope. This course is for those who want to apply practical tips that improve user and customer experience. It doesn’t teach you the research or prototyping skills. 

To become a proper service designer, you can follow what I did and pursue a Master of Arts in Service Design. The one I followed was in Luzern, Switzerland at the HSLU. It’s an intensive two-year program that I highly recommend.

Who is this course for?

Beginners and basically everyone who doesn’t know anything about service design or customer experience but wants to improve their service.

What’s the difference between this course and the book?

This course is composed of 100 videos which makes it much more entertaining 🍿 to follow than to read a 200+ page book. 

The course has also much additional content like
  • Quizzes to test what you just learned,
  • Recommended books, articles, tutorials and videos to watch,
  • Homework exercises,
  • Exclusive chapter introductions,
  • A student handbook to quickly transform your learning into action, and
  • And a 25-minute personal coaching session with the course creator worth $300.

Is there a discount for students?

Sure! I’ve been a student too and I know that you are sometimes a bit low on money. As a student, you can get a 50% discount. But for that I’ll ask you to do a bit of work 🤓.

Send me a personal message on Twitter explaining why you want to follow this course. 

What if I don't like the course?

I’ll refund your money. No questions asked 🙂.

If you don’t like the course, just drop me a personal message on Twitter within 30 days of signing up and I can give you a full refund. If you didn’t like the course, it would be great if you could give me some advice on how I can improve the course 🙏.

How long can I access the course?

Once you buy the course, you’ll have lifetime access to all of its content 🤘.

Still not convinced? Then I’ll give you a 30 days money back guarantee 🤘

If the course doesn’t correspond to what you expected, no problem. That happens. I’ll just refund the money to you and everybody stays happy 💌 No questions asked. Life can be that simple sometimes.