Advanced Service Blueprint (Notion Template) by Daniele Catalanotto

Advanced Service Blueprint (Notion Template)

Create a complete Service Blueprint with automated analysis features directly in Notion.

A template for the nerds 🤓

This Service Blueprint was created for the very nerdy service designers out there. It gives you pre-built automatic analysis of your template, pre-built blocs as inspirations and everything can be adapted đŸ’Ē

Automated analysis of your service blueprint

The template automatically 🤖 sorts the information  you add in it to provide you with an analysis. In this analysis you can for example see:

  • What are the actions taken by every stakeholder or actor 👤
  • What metrics or user research elements validate the blueprint 📊
  • What questions and ideas need to be explored further in the next steps ✅

Stakeholder database

One of the system that allows you to have  an automated analysis of your service blueprint is the stakeholder database 🤓. With this database you can link actors and stakeholders actions from your blueprint to a same person.

This allows you then to get an overview of all the actions that this stakeholder takes in the service.

Tips and tricks included

New to Notion but feeling nerdy? Cool, I've added a few tips and tricks in the documentation that should help you. I cover there stuff like:

  • The possibility to have a focus view 👁 of your service blueprint
  • How to use color coding đŸŽ¨ for the different stages of your blueprint
  • Where to get lovely illustrations ✏ī¸ to pimp your blueprint

A Service Blueprint with all the power of Notion

The template is based on the Notion app đŸ’Ē. 
This means you can easily work collaboratively on your service blueprint, make it accessible to anyone, export it as a PDF and adapt everything to your own needs.

What's included?

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Built by a very nerdy service designer for other service design nerds

Daniele is a service designer who loves to create tools, books and other templates for innovators and service designers. Oh and he is pretty nerdy 🤓, he often says that Notion is the Operating System of his life đŸ¤Ļ‍♂ī¸. Yeah nerdy!
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