Basics of Ideation for Innovation (Alpha version) by Daniele Catalanotto

Basics of Ideation for Innovation (Alpha version)

A future course teaching ideation theory and methods.

What you'll learn

Learn what ideation is 💡, why it's great and when it can be dangerous 🤕. Then go into practice mode by learning 10+ ideation technics 🛠 and how to run your first innovation workshop.

What's included?

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🔴 This course in an alpha version
Lovely to meet you
What you'll learn and what you won't
WTF is ideation?
WTF is ideation? Introduction
What is ideation?
What are the benefits of ideation?
The myth of creativity
What are common dangers and mistakes of ideation?
The core principles of ideation
The core principles of ideation: Introduction
Quantity over quality
Pause criticism until later
Different people bring different ideas
Constraints and pressure help
Serendipity and context help
Based on research
What are the different types of ideations
What are the different types of ideations: Introduction
Group ideation
Solo ideation
Asynchronous or remote ideation
Crowd sourcing
A selection of ideation techniques
A selection of ideation techniques: Introduction
Brain dump
Silent brainstorming
Crazy eight
Brands like these
Fast idea generator
Mash-Up Innovation
Future scenarios and trends
Lotus blossom
Lightning demos
Ideation cards
A few good practices for every technic
Where to find more ideation techniques
Apps for the ideation process
How to prioritize ideas
How to prioritize ideas: Introduction
Affinity sorting
Dot voting
Multi parameters vote
Evaluation grid
Impact versus Effort Matrix
Mix the methods
How to run an ideation workshop
How to run an ideation workshop: Introduction
How to prepare an ideation workshop
The basic structure of an ideation workshop
The facilitator role in an ideation workshop
What happens after the ideation workshop?
Going further
Going further
Recommended books on ideation
Recommended academic papers on Introduction
Recommended videos on ideation
Recommended critical articles on ideation
End note
Thank you