Service Design Principles 1-100 by Daniele Catalanotto

Service Design Principles 1-100

100 ideas to improve the user and customer experience in simple and practical ways.

The author

Daniele is an Innovation Coach and Service Design who has worked around the world to help organizations fix complex problems with simple solutions.
Daniele Catalanotto
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What you'll learn in this book.

This books gives you 100 principles, ideas and rules of thumbs to improve your interaction with your users today. You'll learn for example how to: 

  1. avoid missed appointments
  2. understand better your clients
  3. make the waiting experience less frustrating
  4. solve problems with a tiny budget
  5. and 100 other ideas and principles to help you innovate today πŸš€

A book for the rest of us

The hypothesis of this handbook is that you don’t need to understand the full extent of Service Design to improve the user and customer experience. You don’t need to understand all the theory to create great services.

If you are a service owner, part of a team that serves other humans then this book is for you. 

What's included?

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What is this book about?

This is a book that teaches you simple principles, ideas, and tips that you can use to improve the customer and user experience of your services.

For more information, you can check this page.

What files do I get?

You get a PDF and an EPUB file.
The PDF version can be read anywhere and can also be printed out on your own printer. The EPUB file can be read in any ebook reader.