Brands like these: idea generation workshop by Daniele Catalanotto

Brands like these: idea generation workshop

Get a ready to use slide template to run your next idea generation workshop

Based on years of workshops

This template is based on 9+ years of design and innovation practice. This is the same exact way I run this workshop with my clients. The only difference? You facilitate it 🚀 so you don't have to pay 1200$ per day to have me do it 💌
Daniele Catalanotto

What is a brands like these workshop?

This is a simple and fun idea generation workshop 💡 that helps people come up new ideas with constraints. 
You'll ask people to solve the problem as if they were Apple, Greenpeace or any other brand with an edge.
For more details just check the video above ⬆️

I created for you a ready to use idea generation workshop template

The template makes it possible to run the workshop with just 3 minutes of preparation. It has 50+ slides that contain for each activity:

  1. what people have to do 🙌
  2. how much time ⏳ they have
  3. if they should do it alone or in group 🤝
  4. and creative prompts 💡 and definitions to reassure participants

The 10 minutes workshop guide with all the slides

Learn how I usually run this idea generation workshop with this free 10 minutes how to guide. And if you are a cheap guy, you can just copy the slides from this video instead of buying my template 😉 That's fully okay 💌

What's included?

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Licence: You can adapt this template
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