Free Course: What is Service Design? by Daniele Catalanotto

Free Course: What is Service Design?

Discover what Service Design and why it is powerful to enhance the customer experience

The course package

This course is composed of 7 chapters that will give you an overview of what Service Design is. You'll discover:
  1. What Service Design is
  2. Where does Service Design come from
  3. What do Service Designers do
  4. What the impact of Service Design for business is
  5. What the tools and methods of service design are
  6. What special terms service designers use
  7. Who practices service design

12 links to additional resources

The course doesn't stop with its own content. You'll get a curated list of external resources like books, tools, directories, glossaries, case studies to continue your exploration in the world of Service Design.

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The author

Daniele is an Innovation Coach and Service Design with 9+ years of experience helping organizations around the world to find simple solutions to complex problems.
Daniele Catalanotto
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What's included?

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The course outline

🛑 This is a beta version
What you'll learn in this course
Why I created this course
1. What is Service Design
1.1 What is a Service?
1.2 Why are services important?
1.4 Recommend tool: Services and value added (% of GDP)
1.3 What is Design?
1.4 So, what the fuck is Service Design?
1.5 Three definitions of Service Design
1.6 Recommended reading: The online debate about what service design is
2. Where does Service Design come from?
2.1 The mothers of Service Design
2.2 Recommended reading: Designing Services That Deliver by Lynn Shostack
2.3 The Service Design family
2.4 Design Thinking, the grandpa
2.5 User Experience Design, the digital brother
2.6 Experience Design, the Service Design twin
2.7 Customer Experience, the brother of Service Design
2.8 Many members, one purpose
2.9 Five important Service Design dates
2.10 Recommended Book: A tiny Service Design History
3. What do Service Designers do?
3.1 Research: Understand what people want or need
3.2 Sense-Making: Summarize what they have learned
3.3 Ideation: Come up with 100 new fancy solutions
3.4 Prototyping and testing: Build new solutions for testing
3.5 Recommended course: What is the Service Design Process
4. The impact of Service Design
4.1 Double your sales with Service Design
4.2 90% shorter processing times
4.3 30% more young clients
4.4. Recommended reading: 40+ case studies on the impact of Service Design
4.5 Case studies from the Service Design Network
5. The tools and methods of Service Designers
📌 5.1 Tools for the research task
Mystery Shopping
📌 5.2 Tools for the sense-making task
The five why
Affinity sorting
Service Blueprint
📌 5.3 Tools for the ideation task
Crazy 8
The Fast Idea Generator
Silent Brainstorming
📌 5.4 Tools for the prototyping and testing tasks:
Paper prototypes
Wizard of Oz' Prototypes
5.5 Recommended website: Service Design Tools
6. The terminology that Service Designers use
6.1 What is a user?
6.2 What is a stakeholder?
6.3 What is a Channel?
6.4 What is a Touchpoint?
6.5 What is an Experience?
6.6 What is a Customer Journey?
6.7 What are the front and back ends/stages of a service?
6.8 What is a Nudge?
6.9 What is a rational override?
6.10 Recommended tool: 400+ definitions of Service Design terms
7. Who does Service Design?
7.1 Three smart service designers to know
7.2 Recommended tools: Map of Service Design practitioners
7.3 Recommended tools: List of the Service Design Network Members
7.4 Three service design agencies to know
7.5 Recommended tool: Map of Service Design companies
7.6 Recommended tool: List of the Service Design Network Organizations
7.7 Three service design schools to know about
7.8 Three Service Design communities to know
7.9. Recommended website
Going further
Service Design Magazine
Service Design Books
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