You rock

What a journey! Together we learned a lot about ideation. As a reminder, here a few of the things you learned: 
  1. What ideation is, why it's important and when it can be dangerous stupid thing
  2. What the core principles for a positive and healthy ideation session are
  3. What are some tools to help you kickstart your ideation process and where to find more
  4. How to prioritize the hundreds of ideas you have created
  5. How to run a typical idea generation process with friends or colleagues
  6. Where to find more content about ideation to learn even more

That's a lot of learning there! So a big bravo to you for sticking until the end of this course. You can be very proud of yourself 💪

Thank you for joining

As I said at the beginning of this journey that we spend together: the fact that you joined this course gives me a tremendous amount of motivation to keep on investing time teaching, building courses and creating templates and tools. It's work that doesn't make any financial sense, but when I see the number of people who benefit of it, it gives a lot of sense to my life. So thanks for that mate.

Thanks to those who make it possible

I want to thank a few other people who are big motivators and who make it possible for me to keep on writing courses.

The first and most important person I want to thank is obviously my wife Joëlle. She pushes me in this adventure of being a teacher and I'm so thankful for her support.

A big thank you goes also to my mate Loris Olivier, with whom I can share the advancement of my writing process and who always reacts with an enormous amount of positivity and encouragement. Thanks mate.

Basics of Ideation for Innovation (Alpha version)

A future course teaching ideation theory and methods.

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