A new writing routine with trains and crazy landscapes 🏔

Writing sucks. It's not really a fun activity. It takes a lot of mental energy and I quickly get demotivated. Lately I've tried out a new routine to write with more pleasure.

Trains and landscapes

In Switzerland we have this thing called the General Abonnement. Basically you pay once and you can access all public transportation in Switzerland for a whole year. So I can take whatever train, bus, tram or boat in Switzerland without having to pay for it again 🙂 Yes, I love Switzerland for that.

So instead of spending 8 hours at my desk in our living room, I'm now taking the train. I pick a 3-4 hour one way ride to a destination I don't know yet. It makes the writing process really easy. The breaks are defined by the journey. When I change train I have a 5 minute break. 

Now, instead of taking a lunch break at home, I take it outside looking at awesome Swiss landscapes.

And during the short 1 hour break I take before coming back home I also get the chance to spot places where we could come back with my wife for hiking or sightseeing.

So that's the new routine I'm trying out this summer. Until know it's been pretty refreshing and also productive.

p.s. know you might better understand why it's called the Swiss Innovation Academy 😅

— Written on July 15, 2019

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