Juliane, can you tell me what the fuck is Service Design?

To my view, there is no brilliant “one sentence explanation” on service design. 

Wherever I meet people who do not know service design they can’t imagine what it is about. The term confuses them. Sometimes I wonder whether the creators of the term service design didn’t know better or whether they wanted to disrupt the normal mindset from the beginning on. So, what is service design about? It's about creating “wow” stories, moments and experience. It's about creating good emotions that make a difference when experiencing a service or a product. It’s about changing services, processes and products into great, tangible deliverables. Service design is NOT a methodology. It’s a mindset. Based on my experience, the best way to explain service design is letting people experience it. Once they are getting into the SD process they are realizing the difference. 

So, why are we using a term that does not convey the meaning? How can we create a convincing first touchpoint “What is service design"?

An answer by Juliane Amlacher

Berlin, Germany
Systemic Coach, Organizational Consultant and Service Designer at FEUERKOPF

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