Custom innovation courses and workshops

Get the help of an innovation coach to create your innovations workshops or build a learning journey for your employees.
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Meet your innovation coach

Hi, I'm Daniele 👋 I'm the founder of the Swiss Innovation Academy. In the last 9+ years, I've worked on design and innovation challenges in Switzerland, France, Germany, the UK, Iceland, China and Thailand. I am able to coach you in English, French, Italian or German 🌍
Daniele Catalanotto
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Custom Corporate Training

Off-site, On-site or Online corporate training on Innovation Skills and Mindsets.

A custom course which can help your team learn:
  1. how to generate more ideas
  2. how to test ideas
  3. how to better understand your users
  4. how to quickly build prototypes of your ideas

Work together on a innovation challenge

Instead of just learning, why not work on an existing innovation challenge your organization is facing and use it as an opportunity to level up your team?

A custom workshop or innovation sprint will help your team work together in an innovative way and learn innovation skills and mindsets.

What do others say

With Daniele I grew as a designer as well as a human being. He makes the uncertain and ambiguous feel tangible and approachable and brings clarity into the chaos of design and innovation. 
Maaria Tiensivu
Daniele's approach is fueled by common sense and unique storytelling skills that make each of his lessons understandable and easily actionable.
Romain Pittet
Daniele is the service designer who made me understand by the example what service design really means. Very pragmatics, he's able to identify the problems with precision and propose creative solutions, sometimes unexpected, but always right.
Pierre Dumont

How much does it cost?

4 Hours Workshop

A custom 4 hours workshop with a teams with up to 15 people.
✅ from 6'450 CHF/$

1 Week Sprint

A custom one week innovation sprint with your team.
✅ from 12'850 CHF/$

Custom Online Course

A custom online course that an unlimited number of team members can follow remotely.
✅ from 24'450 CHF/$

1 Day Workshop

A custom one day workshop with a team with up to 15 people.
✅ from 7'050 CHF/$

Talk with your innovation coach

Let's chat a bit together. I might be able to share a few interesting links and resources to help you get started 🎁
Daniele Catalanotto
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