A Tiny History of Service Design by Daniele Catalanotto

A Tiny History of Service Design

A tiny two hour read ebook that goes through the historical events that created what Service Design is today.

The author

Daniele is an Innovation Coach and Service Design who has worked around the world to help organizations fix complex problems with simple solutions.
Daniele Catalanotto
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What you'll learn in this book

In this book you'll learn what are the events, people and ideas that made Service Design such a successful field today.
We will go way back in the past up to 10,000 BC and come back to our days.

A book for the Service Design nerds

If you are new to the world of Service Design, this book isn't for you. This book is made for people who study Service Design or practice it and want to have a deep dive in the history of their beloved field.

What's included?

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The book is also available as in a hard cover format for the paper lovers 📙
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What files do I get?

You get a PDF and an EPUB file.
The PDF version can be read anywhere and can also be printed out on your own printer. The EPUB file can be read in any ebook reader.

Why should I buy it here and not on Amazon?

The price of the ebook is the same here and on Amazon. But here you'll get the PDF version with it 🙂 

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What is this book about?

This book goes through the events, people, publications and ideas that made it possible for Service Design to be such an exciting field today.

It's a small 2 hours read written by a Service Design practitioner and nerd. For more information check this page out.

On which devices can I read the ebook?

The ebook is a standard epub file that you can read on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

 For example, you can read it in Apple Books on the iPad or your Mac or on the Amazon Kindle or any other ebook reader device.

I want the print version!

That's wonderful, you can get it here 🙌