Interviews for lazy people by Daniele Catalanotto

Interviews for lazy people

Learn how to do user research interviews like a real lazy innovator.

A guide for people who want to better understand their customers but don't want to lose a shit load of time.

If you’ve always wanted to...
  • better understand what your customers really think of your business
  • improve your service, product or idea with customer feedback
  • use interviews as a research method

but you always struggled because...
  • Interviews take a shit load of time to prepare
  • You can't do the interview and take the notes at the same time
  • You don't really know how to run interviews
  • And you don't have time to read books to learn the necessary skills

Then this guide is for you!
With this short guide you'll learn the essential rules that make it possible to run interviews with just 5 minutes of preparation and without having to be an expert.

This course has two parts:
  1. In part one you learn the five principles to prepare, run and debrief interviews faster and still get great results.
  2. In part two you'll get a template that will help you take less but better notes and will make it possible to prepare your interview in just five minutes.

I'm a lazy innovator and you should be too.

Hi there, I'm Daniele, I'm an innovation coach. I have done user research and interviews in the last 9 years. In these years I've been able to create a method for interviews which is fast and efficient. It's great for small business who don't have the time or money for the big research projects but still want to learn from their customers.

In this guide I'll share with you how you can be lazy in your user research and learn a lot from your user in order to improve your business, service, product or idea.

What do you get in this course?

5 principles for interviewing people

Learn the 5 principles that will help you do user research interviews without losing a shit load of time or money.

The interview template

With this tiny course you'll also get the interview template document. This document helps you take notes during interviews in a simple and efficient way.

What's included?

File Icon 1 file Text Icon 17 text files


Why interviews are a great tool
What you'll learn
This guide focuses on simplicity and speed
Part 1: Five principles for good interviews
Principles introduction
1. Call it a conversation
2. Don’t record
3. Just take a few notes
4. Prepare only five questions
5. Make it in a safe space
Bonus principle
Part 2: The interview template
Template introduction
PDF and Google Slides Template
614 KB
The building blocks of the template
How and when to use this template
Going further
Well done, now get started!
Resources if you are not lazy
Your next course and a 🎁
A little thank you note


How long can I access the guide and the template?

Once you buy the guide, you’ll have lifetime access to all of its content 🤘.

How long does it take to go through this guide?

This is a self-paced online course that takes just an hour. Yes it's done for lazy people 🙂 You can go through it in just an hour, or divide it in several days, that's up to you.

I recommend that you read it once in an hour and then come back to it section after section.

Who is the author?

I’m Daniele Catalanotto. I’ve been given many titles in the past few years: Communication Director, Senior Design Strategist, Senior Innovation Consultant or Service Designer.

I’ve worked with small companies as well as big international players. But I have to admit that I have an unconditional love for the small players, the small businesses that work locally and are a part of our everyday life. It’s for these people who don’t give a fuck about service design or innovation but still love their customers that I love to work with the most.

In the last year, I published two books on service design which I’m deeply passionate about. One of these books has been used as the basis for this course.

For the fancier details, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

What if I don't like the guide?

I’ll refund your money. No questions asked 🙂.

If you don’t like the course, just drop me a personal message on Twitter within 30 days of signing up and I can give you a full refund. If you didn’t like the course, it would be great if you could give me some advice on how I can improve the course 🙏.

For who is this course for?

I created this course for small business owners and service creators who want to improve their business by better understanding their customers. 

If you are a UX designer or User Researcher this course will be too basic for you I think. Nevertheless, it can be good if you need to be able to run interviews in a shorter amount of time than what you are used too.