Error Management by Daniele Catalanotto

Error Management

Learn how to handle errors without breaking the customer experience

What you'll learn

In this tiny 6-videos course you'll learn:
  • How to spot problems before they happen
  • How to fail gracefully when errors happen
  • How to improve your error messages
  • and all of this with simple tips you can use today

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos Text Icon 3 text files


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Don’t Solve Every Problem You Are Asked to Solve
2 mins
Do the Penis Test and Think About What Could Go Wrong
1 min
Let Users Undo Their Mistakes
2 mins
Explain Why This Error Just Happened
2 mins
Suggest Something After the Error
2 mins
Stop Giving Coupons When You Failed
2 mins
Going further

Your coach

Daniele is a Service Design and Innovation Coach who helped during the last 9+ years organizations around the world find simple solutions to complex problems.
Daniele Catalanotto
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