Expandable Service Blueprint (Notion Template) by Daniele Catalanotto

Expandable Service Blueprint (Notion Template)

Share your Service Blueprint  without overwhelming people by letting them choose which part to see first.

Let the viewer choose what matters to him

Service Blueprints can be overwhelming. This template helps the viewer choose which type of information he wants to focus on by having to choose to open or close different "toggles"
For example, the viewer can focus on the executive summary by showing it, and hide all other information in order to not be overwhelmed by all the details of the Service Blueprint.

Comes in two flavors 🍦🍧

This expandable service blueprint template comes in two complexity levels. Start with the minimal template or get crazy with the advanced one.

Minimal template

In this template there are only three "toggles". The user of the blueprint can view the executive summary, all elements from the frontstage or all elements of the backstage.

Advanced template

This template shows you that you can use this approach in more details by separating each type of information in a "toggle" element. This allows the user of the blueprint to for example see only the touchpoint without other information about the frontstage.

Built with Notion

This template is built with the Notion app. This means you can easily duplicate the template and adapt everything to your needs.

What's included?

Thank you ❤️
⬇️ Minimal template
⬇️ Advanced template
How to use Notion
ℹ️ How to duplicate the template
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