Course: What is the Service design process? by Daniele Catalanotto

Course: What is the Service design process?

11 Service Design processes for your next service innovation project

What's included?

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The course outline

Why I created this course
What you'll learn
Based on the book Innovation Methods Mapping
One process or many processes?
Pure Service Design Processes
Scheuing and Johnson Service Design Process
New Service Development Cycle
Frog Service Design Process
Evenson and Dubberly Service Design process
Engine Service Design Process
Stickdorn Service Design Process
Living Lab Innovation Process
Connect Consortium Innovation process
Civic Service Design Process
Continuous Service Design by Futurice
Service Design Process by Moritz 2005
Design process that inspire Service Designers
D. School Design Thinking
Double Diamond by The Design Council
The Design Squiggle by Damien Newman
Google Design Sprint
Design Thinking Loop by IBM
Going further
Don't become a process freak
Book: Innovation Methods Mapping
Next recommended course and a little 🎁
Thank you note