Course: Good type for better services by Daniele Catalanotto

Course: Good type for better services

Learn how to use text and typefaces in order to create better customer and user experiences

This course a collaboration between a Type Design specialist and a Service Design specialist.

Loris is a type designer and design strategist who has designed more than 30+ custom typefaces and teaches calligraphy and type design.
Loris Olivier
Daniele is a service designer and author who has published two books and multiple courses on Service Design.
Daniele Catalanotto

A course that brings type design knowledge into the service design world

In this course, you will learn how to better design and use text in your services or products. 

Learn how to use typefaces to create better experiences for specific target groups

You'll learn simple rules of thumb that will help you adapt your typesetting to:
  1. elderly people;
  2. kids;
  3. people with reading issues and
  4. foreigners who don't speak your language.

Learn how to improve specific channels of your service with typesetting

You'll also discover how you can enhance specific touchpoints in your user experience by making simple changes to your typesetting. You'll learn tips to improve your:
  1. signage
  2. contracts
  3. presentations
  4. codes and numbers and
  5. long reads like emails, brochures or website

Learn how to improve the readability of your content with design tips

Finally, you'll also learn that when it comes to text, typesetting is only the start. You'll learn practical tips to make your texts more accessible to a wider audience. To do this we will share with you:
  1. simple tips and tricks to simplify your texts;
  2. tools to measure the readability of your content and
  3. tools to enhance the readability of your texts.

The course package

This course will teach how to design content and setup typefaces in order to create better customer experiences

Five chapters

  1. What is type design and why it should matter to you
  2. Happier users with better type
  3. Better touchpoint with better type
  4. Good readability for better services
  5. Checklist: good type for better services

4 recommended fonts

We hand picked for you 4 typefaces that will help you to improve the content that is displayed in your service or product.

10+ tools and resources

We have curated for you more than 10 additional resources like articles, videos, documentaries and practical tools to improve how you use typefaces in your services and products.

An actionable checklist

We created a simple checklist which summarizes all the key learnings of the course. This checklist can be used to review the quality of how you design content in your service touchpoints.

What's included?

File Icon 16 files Text Icon 31 text files


Meet your coaches
What you'll learn in this course
Rules of thumbs over big theories
1. What is Type Design?
Definitions of Type Design and typesetting
Good typesetting creates good experiences
Recommended typeface: Lava
Recommended video: Neue Frutiger World
Bad typesetting create bad experiences
Recommended video: Bad typography has ruined more than just the Oscars
2. Happier users with better type
Typesetting for elderly
Recommended paper: New Heuristics for Understanding Older Adults as Web Users
Typesetting for kids
Recommended article: Children’s UX: Usability Issues in Designing for Young People
Typesetting for people with reading issues
Recommend article: Advancing accessibility with Dr. Meredith Ringel Morris
Recommended article: Can a font help ‘cure’ dyslexia?
3. Better touchpoint with better type
Typesetting for Signage
Recommend tool: Font Size Calculator
Recommend article: Wayfinding Design Principles
Recommended article: Don’t make me feel like an animal
Typesetting for Contracts
Typesetting for codes and numbers
Recommended fonts: Axel, PT Mono and Fira Mono
Typesetting for Presentations
Typesetting for long reads
4. Good readability for better services
The difference between legibility and readability
How to improve readability
Recommended tool: Flesch-Kincaid readability test
Recommended tool: Hemingway App
Recommended article: Legibility, Readability, and Comprehension: Making Users Read Your Words
Beyond readability: Designing content for foreigners
Recommended article: Comic Contracts: A Novel Approach To Contract Clarity And Accessibility
Don't dumb it down make it clear
5. Checklist: good type for better services
Download the checklist
How to use the checklist
Going further
3 safe type choices for your service
3 resources for the curious minds
3 people to follow
Your next course and a 🎁
A little thank you note
Out of scope
Custom fonts


What if I don't like the course?

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How long can I access the course?

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