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Below you'll find common questions with short practical answers. 

Common questions

With what course should I start?

If you are looking for practical tips you can implement tomorrow in your business then you can buy this 100 video course.

If you are new to the innovation world and don't want to spend money you can start with this free courses: What is Service Design?

If you are already working in the innovation field, you might want to check the templates and resources I've built.

I want more!

That's not a question, but I'd gladly help 😉 I've published innovation books and ressources for innovators that you might like 😉

Do you offer certificates at the end of courses?

Yes upon request, you can receive a certificate at the end of the course. At the moment you have to ask for it via the little chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen 😉 It will take a few days for me to check that you completed the  course and send you back your certificate.

Do you offer discounts?

I saw a mistake or bug in a course or resource what should I do?

You can leave a comment. For most of the courses and resources I have enable a commenting feature which allows you to leave a comment. By doing so you can suggest a change. As I'm slow to correct them, other users will therefore also be able to use your comment as a helpful advice. 

If you feel shy, you can use the little chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen. 

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, let's discuss about it. You can use the chat bubble feature on  the bottom right of the screen to get in touch

How long can I access the courses and resources?

You have a lifetime access to all the courses you buy. 

What do you track about me?

I use Podia to run this website. I personally don't know anything about before you subscribe. I don't use any analytics software.

Once you subscribe I have the information you provided to me like your name and email adresse. I can also see how far you are in a course.
I don't see your credit card number 😉
At anytime in your profile you can ask to delete your account and after that I won't have access anymore to any information.
In the footer of this page you'll find the terms and privacy information as the team at Podia wrote them.

Didn't find an answer? No problem, ask me and I'll answer in the next 3 work days

I'm the guy who runs the Swiss Innovation Academy. I'm slow to answer but I love to help out people. You can reach me via the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen or leave me a message on Linkedin.
Daniele Catalanotto
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