How might we teach Service Design? by Daniele Catalanotto

How might we teach Service Design?

A future book where educators share tips and stories on how to teach Service Design.

The idea

I'm myself an educator teaching Service Design. Every time I meet another educator we share tips and tricks that in the end make the life of our students easier. Why not document these tips and tricks?

So these ideas are not hidden in the brains of the two people who just had a coffee but shared with educators everywhere.

Why this matters

As educators we are often alone in the job. This means we often lack distance and critic with what we are doing. By seeing others ways of working Service Design educators can self-reflect and become better educators.

An early prototype

Each educator could share one short advice that he wished he had when starting as an educator. With that a tiny table of resources that could help other educators is proposed.
Finally, a few short and personal rule of thumbs are also highlighted.

It might also be interesting to confront the educator view with the student view, and ask them: "what did work best for you?"

Share your educator tips and tricks

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