Idea generation prompts by Daniele Catalanotto

Idea generation prompts

A tiny web app that gives you 50+ questions to kickstart your idea generation process.

What is an idea generation prompt?

An idea generation prompt is a question that helps you think about a problem you are facing in a different way. Such creative questions stimulate what innovators call lateral thinking

Random prompt

Too much thinking going in your head? No problem, the random tab gives you just one creative question. You can use this creative prompt in a focus mode to find a solution to your innovation challenge.

Find idea generation prompts by categories

Every innovator is  a bit different. Once you see which category of idea generation prompts work best for you, you can see only prompts from this specific category. 

Get extra inspiration

When the creative prompt is based on a complexer trend, a little definition and an additional link help you get even more inspiration.

What's included?

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