Idea Note Taker

Capture ideas during workshops with in a structured format.

Helps you avoid the "oh shit" 🤦‍♂️ moment after the workshop

Have you ever experienced this: after an ideation workshop, there is sticky note with the title of an idea which seems interesting, but you don't know who created it... Or you wished you asked for a bit more information to make sure you really understand the idea.  This template helps workshops participants capture all informations needed to avoid such moments by asking for example to always write down who is the author or what problem the idea is fixing.

The full format 🦾

Capture all key informations about an idea: the title, the description, the author, a little sketch.
But also go beyond by asking what problem does this idea fix? And rate quickly the idea with the impact versus effort scale. Finally write down peer feedback. Every information to develop the idea after the workshop is captured in just one sheet of paper.

The lazy format ⚡️

For workshops where you don't need as much information about every idea, this Idea Note Taker goes to the essential: give the idea a title, scribble a little sketch, describe it in a few words and make sure to write down who was the creator if further questions are needed.

Fully editable ✏️ because every workshop is unique

You can edit the template in Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote to fit the requirements of your workshop.

What's included?

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Thank you ❤️
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