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What's coming next?

I'm always working on new books, courses and ressources to help anyone have an innovator mindset. Here you'll find what I'm working on 👇

In the making

Course: Storytelling insights for better services

Learn what storytelling can teach us to create better services.
View course Coming soon

Course: Storytelling for prototyping ideas

Learn how to use a storytelling framework to test out your new service or product ideas.
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Course: What is the Service design process?

Discover 11 processes or models that Service Designers use when they start a new project.
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The Service Rollercoaster Model [Pre-Order]

Learn how to create story-like rhythms in your customer journey
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Upcoming Book: What the fuck is Service Design?

Dozens of Service Designers, around the world, explain what Service Design really is and why it matters to you.


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WTF is incremental innovation

View course Coming soon

Course: Good type for better services

Learn how to properly use typefaces to make your services smoother.
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Start your career in Service Design

A one month program to start your career in the Service Design world.
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Hypnosis for designers

Hypnosis is used to help people cope with pain, get better sleep and so much more. Designers can use hypnosis to create better experiences.
View course Coming soon

Baselines and metrics for incremental innovation

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Innovator Rules to do no harm

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How might we teach Service Design?

A future book where educators share tips and stories on how to teach Service Design.
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