A daily video newsletter that shares 3 links. It can be a story, a tool, an idea or anything else related to the world of innovation.

How does it look like?

Each episode is less than 2 minutes long to keep it short enough to watch in the bus while you go at work.

One video, 3 links and for free, obviously.

Innodaily is your daily innovation show that is short to watch and makes you a better innovator. Between the three links there might be something that will help you tackle that new challenge at work.

Previous episodes

Season 00 - Pilot
Critical view of the design sprint, no code and no bullies - Innodaily Episode 7
2 mins
Strategy tools, radical empathy and a change of mindset - Innodaily Episode 06
2 mins
Good service definition, Build an audience, Avoid a trap - Innodaily Episode 05
2 mins
Scoping canvas, Remote vibe and slowing down - Innodaily Episode 04
2 mins
Useful ads, touchpoint strategy and popup stores, - Innodaily Episode 03
2 mins
Reduce water consumption, get insights and human hacks - Innodaily Episode 02
2 mins
Giants lego blocks, visual thinking and design tools — Innodaily Episode 01
2 mins

Your innovation coach

Daniele is an Innovation Coach that has run design and innovation projects for 9 years in many organizations around the world.  Today he tries to share what he has learned with others in a simple and humorous way.
Daniele Catalanotto