Meeting time calculator by Daniele Catalanotto

Meeting time calculator

Discover how much time you really have for your next meeting. Avoid the frustration of not being able to do everything you planned for your meeting.

You have less time than you think

Great we have two hours for 3 topics! That should be plenty of time. Sadly no. Most people forget to take into account breaks, introduction time, conclusion time and a little margin of time for what will obviously go wrong.
This calculator helps you think about all this and see how much time you really have for that next meeting.

See how much time you have per topic

The calculator shows you how much time you really have when you take out the classical constraints (breaks, introduction, conclusion, etc). And then shows you how much time you have for each of the topics you planned for the meeting.

Plan that it will go to shit

There is always a topic that needs more time than planned, or a person that is more talkative than you thought. The buffer time, or margin time let's you plan some extra time for things to go to shit without breaking your meeting schedule.

Prepare your next meeting on the go

The calculator is optimized to work also on your smartphone and other mobile devices. This means that you can quickly calculate how reasonable a meeting is on the go.

The thinking behind the calculator

In this 8-minutes video I highlight the thinking behind the calculator and show you how it works.

What's included?

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