Let's talk money. As a Swiss guy, you know we have loads of banks here, I'm pretty comfortable being  very open with this topic.

Thanks for the support

Only a few of the ressources put on the Swiss Innovation Academy are paid. When you buy a course, template or book, you help me pay for the proofreading of other ressources.

Special discounts 🎁

Every life is different. But one thing should stay true: whoever has the motivation to learn should be able to learn. In the section below you'll find a few specific situations where I have adapted the pricing to make it possible for everyone to learn.

I'm broke at the moment and can't afford your courses

We all have shitty moments in our lives, I'm sad that this is such a moment for you. Leave me a message in the chat bubble explaining your situation, what resource would help and how much you can afford to pay and we'll find a way to make it happen. 

And you'll not have to pay me back. What I ask  you is that when you'll have  more money, that you give some of that money for doing good around you 💌

I work in a not for profit organization, can I have a discount?

Sure, just leave me a message on linkedin or in the chat bubble with the resource you are interested in and how big of a discount would help you guys 😉 Always glad to help.

I have the money but I find your stuff to expensive

Good, then don't buy anything 😉

I live in a country with economic sanctions and therefore we don't have access to credit cards

You shouldn't be blocked from learning innovation skills because of politics 😉 So, just leave me a little message in the chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen and we will find a solution together.

I'm a student and have only little money

Happy to hear that you are investing your money in learning 🙂 You should be rewarded for this great attitude. If the price of a course here is to high for you, feel free to ask a discount. Just send me a message in the chat bubble and we will found a solution

💬 Ask your question in the chat

Any other question about money or pricing? That's okay, just leave your message in the chat box in the bottom right of this screen and we will find a solution together.
Daniele Catalanotto
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