Psychological Safety Cards for Workshops by Daniele Catalanotto

Psychological Safety Cards for Workshops

Help workshop participants tell you how they feel instead of hiding emotions.

Help workshop participants express their fears ⚡️ and needs 👍

This card deck will help your participants tell you in a gentle way that:

  1. You speak an alien language 👽 and must simplify your explanations
  2. Your method is too uncomfortable 💉 for them
  3. Your explanation wasn't clear 😵 and you need to redo it
  4. They are the boss and put a veto on that decision ⚡️
  5. They need that dopamine fix and check their smartphone 📱
  6. This topic needs a more in depth conversation 💭

The Card Deck

Six cards to create a healthier psychological safety for workshop participants.

“Psychological safety is the biggest distinction in innovative teams.”

Frederik Pferdt, Chief Innovation Evangelist at Google

How does it work?

It's not easy as a workshop participant to say to the workshop facilitator that he sucks. But it's important that this feedback can be expressed. Here is how this card deck make this possible:

Dedramatize feedback

This simple card deck will help your workshop participants express their emotions in a fun and humorous way that makes it possible to give you harsh feedback but still feel in a safe place.

Defuse the bomb before it starts ticking

Negative emotions are part of every workshop, but when workshop participants can't express them, they often come out mush later during the process in a very virulent way. These cards help people express these emotions as soon as they appear.

As seen in the Miro Conference

This card set has been featured in a talk by Isman Tanuri and Joshua Davies on the topic of "Building an Emotionally Safe Encironnement" which took place during the conference "Distributed" organized by Miro.

What's included?

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