Ressources and tools for innovation

Get the tools you need to work like an innovator. Use ready-made templates to run workshops. Download tools to plan and prepare your next innovative work session.
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Get a ready to use slide template to run your next idea generation workshop

A Tiny Innovation Dictionary

Access, search and understand 400+ terms that innovators use.

Service Senses Canvas (beta)

Create and map multi-sensorial experiences

Service Roles Canvas (beta)

Define the type of interactions you'll offer to  your users

Service Rhythm Canvas (beta)

Define the key moments of an experience in order to avoid frustrations and enhance memorability.

Service Problems Canvas (beta)

Define what problems in the  user experience should be fixed now, later or just with a one to one human interaction.

Psychological Safety Cards for Workshops

Help workshop participants tell you how they feel instead of hiding emotions.

The workshop bundle

All the courses, tools and templates about workshop in one bundle.

Workshop planner template

Plan your workshop by the minute with this spreadsheet template.

Workshop presentation template

Quickly build slides for your next workshop with this template

Workshop Hub (Notion Template)

Checklists, planner and workshop proposal all in one Notion Template

Workshop Playlist

A selection of 18+ sound tracks I used as background music during my workshops.

Workshop Checklist

Remember to take all the important material for your next workshop.

Innosketch Kit

Access 460+ ready made sketch elements that you can combine to create your own sketches.

Idea generation prompts

A tiny web app that gives you questions to kickstart your idea generation process.

Minimal Service Blueprint (Notion template)

Create, share and export your next Service Blueprint directly within Notion.

Advanced Service Blueprint (Notion Template)

Create a complete Service Blueprint with automated analysis features directly in Notion.

Advanced Assumption Map (Notion Template)

List and define how you'll verify your assumptions before starting your next innovation project.

Selection Matrix (Notion template)

Evaluate your ideas in a step by step process that removes biases and offers recommendations.

Empathy Map (Notion Template)

Create, edit and share your next empathy directly within the Notion note taking app.

Business Model Canvas (Notion template)

Create, share and export your Business Model Canvas directly within the Notion app.

Notion templates for innovators and designers

A set of templates for the Notion app to help designers, UX nerds and innovators get shit done.

Meeting time calculator

Discover how much time you really have for your next meeting.

Survey response rate calculator

Expandable Service Blueprint (Notion Template)

Experience Prototyping Course - Miro Board Template

Learn by teaching template

Experience Storyboard Template

Prototyping questions (Notion and PDF template)

Minimal Assumption Map (Notion Template)

Project Hunches Canvas

Abstract shapes illustration pack

Feedback Template for Miro

The Service Blueprint Stack

150 innovation metrics

Idea Note Taker

Service Design Jobs

Looking for a job in the innovation world? With my mate Marc we collect every day all the service design jobs we can find 😉
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