Selection Matrix (Notion template) by Daniele Catalanotto

Selection Matrix (Notion template)

Evaluate your ideas in a step by step process that removes biases and offers recommendations.

What you can do with this template

The template is a 4-step Notion document that has the following elements pre-designed for you:

List your ideas

Jot down all your ideas you have for a specific challenge. Give them a simple title and you are ready to start the evaluation process.

Evaluate the effort

How hard will it be to make this idea happen? Will it cost a lot of money, time or energy? Simply rate each idea with a simple 1-6 scale, and  your ready for the next step.

Evaluate the impact

How happy will it make your users? How much money will this idea bring back to the company? Evaluate the impact of each of your idea with a simple 1-6 scale. That's it. You have done the difficult work. Now you can see the results.

Discover the recommendations

The template auto-magically sorts each of your ideas into a specific category with a recommendation. The template helps you answer the following questions: 
  1. Should I pursue the idea?
  2. Should I kill the idea? 
  3. Should I make a strategic selection between some ideas?

✅ A step by step to remove biases

It's really hard to know which idea you should pursue and which you should leave. By using a step by step process where you answer one question at a time, it makes it possible  to remove the  "emotional" part  of evaluating ideas. 

What's included?


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The creator

Daniele is an Innovation Coach that has run workshops for 9 years in many organizations around the world.  Today he continues to be a facilitator and also tries to teach those facilitation skills so that organization don't need him anymore.
Daniele Catalanotto