Service Blueprint for lazy people by Daniele Catalanotto

Service Blueprint for lazy people

Learn how to build a Service Blueprint in a fast and efficient way like a lazy innovator.

A guide for people who want to build a Service Blueprint but don't want to lose a shit load of time.

If youโ€™ve always wanted to...
  • better understand what your customers really think of your business
  • improve your service, product or idea with customer feedback
  • use interviews as a research method

but you always struggled because...
  • You don't know how to summarize the customer experience
  • You don't know how to explain how your next service idea works
  • You feel service blueprints are a tool for nerds who never see the sun
  • And you don't have time to read books to learn the necessary skills

Then this guide is for you!
With this short guide you'll learn the essential rules that make it possible to build a service blueprint within an hour and without having to be an expert.

This course has two parts:
  1. In part one you'll get a template that will help you get started and focus on what is really important.
  2. In part two you'll learn the five principles to build your service blueprint in a fast and efficient way.

I'm a lazy innovator too

Hi there, I'm Daniele, a service  designer who loves a  good old service blueprint. Over the years I've noticed nobody goes through a huge blueprints with tons of details.

A lazy service blueprint is one that people will actually look in details โœ…. A complex one will just be stored in a folder named "Complex shit I'll have to go through one day".

That's why I've built this course that will help you build a blueprint that is quick to create โšก๏ธ and that people will actually have pleasure to use ๐Ÿ‘Œ.
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What do you get in this course?

5 principles for a good service blueprint

Learn the 5 principles that will help you build a service blueprint without losing a shit load of time or money.

The minimal service blueprint template

With the course you get also access to this free minimal service blueprint template that kickstarts your work.
I just want the template

What's included?

File Icon 2 files Text Icon 18 text files


What you'll learn
This guide focuses on simplicity and speed
WTF is a service blueprint?
Part 1: The blueprint template
๐ŸŽ Create a Notion account with 10$ of credit
Get the Minimal service blueprint template
The building blocks of the template
Part 2: Five principles for good Service Blueprints
1. Summarize your blueprint in four stages
2. Start with how it feels for the user
3. Highlight where shit happens
4. Show what happens behind the scenes
5. Prove it!
Bonus principle: keep it under 10 blocks per stage
Going further
Well done, now get started!
Tips when using the template
Resources if you are not lazy
A little ๐ŸŽand your next courses
End notes
Thank you note