Survey response rate calculator by Daniele Catalanotto

Survey response rate calculator

Calculate how many people you need to ask to get the number of responses you want for your survey.

You need to ask more people than what you think 🤦‍♂️

Sending your survey to hundred people doesn't mean that you'll get hundred responses. That would be awesome but the response rate is never 100%. This calculator helps you realize how many people will usually answer your survey given a specific channel.

How it works

Fill in three information

Tell the calculator how hard it is to reach the target group, how many people you need to answer your survey and how people will answer the survey (online, in-person, etc.).

And know how many people you need to ask

Based on the usual survey calculator response, the calculator tells you to how many people you need to send your survey.

The thinking behind the calculator

In this 3-minutes video I highlight the thinking behind the calculator and show you how it works.

What's included?

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