The Service Rollercoaster Model [Pre-Order] by Daniele Catalanotto

The Service Rollercoaster Model [Pre-Order]

Learn how to create natural customer and user experiences that are memorable and human.

This isn't for beginners

This model is built for Service, Experience and UX Designers. If you want a more down to earth approach we created with my buddy Romain a course that teaches many of the ideas present in this framework.
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Services shouldn't be all smooth and perfect

This model helps you built customer and user journeys that include key elements to enhance memorability. It includes:

  • Problems that will be fixed with the user
  • A peak moment to delight the customer
  • A service exit that is memorable
  • Sensorial information

A creative mix of my favorite references

The Service Rollercoaster Model is a mix of all the good stuff that I found about how to create compelling and memorable experiences. It contains elements from storytelling, behavioral science and service design.

What do you get?

Be leaving your email you'll get access to:
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  3. all the references the model is built on

What's included?

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The Service Rollercoaster Model
What is the Service Rollercoaster Model?
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How to use the model
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References and context
The Service Moments
Service Moments in the Service Rollercoaster
Reference: Let people come back
Reference: Practical Service Blueprint
Emotional Curve
Emotional Curve in the Service Rollercoaster
Reference: Kübler Ross Change Curve
Reference: Peak-End Rule
Reference: The Inzovu Curve
Problems to fix
Problems to not fix in the Service Rollercoaster
Reference: IKEA effect
Reference: Pratfall effect
Reference: It’s okay if you aren’t perfect
Sensorial information
Sensorial information in the Service Rollercoaster
Reference: Brand Sense
Reference: Your brain on fiction

Hack it and share it

This model is under the Creative Commons License. This means you are free to share — copy and redistribute it and you are free to adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material.