The workshop bundle by Daniele Catalanotto

The workshop bundle

All the courses, tools and templates about workshop in one bundle.

What's included in the bundle?

Brands like these: idea generation workshop

Get a ready to use slide template to run your next idea generation workshop

Psychological Safety Cards for Workshops

Help workshop participants tell you how they feel instead of hiding emotions.

Selection Matrix (Notion template)

Evaluate your ideas in a step by step process that removes biases and offers recommendations.

Service Problems Canvas (beta)

Define what problems in the  user experience should be fixed now, later or just with a one to one human interaction.

Service Rhythm Canvas (beta)

Define the key moments of an experience in order to avoid frustrations and enhance memorability.

Service Roles Canvas (beta)

Define the type of interactions you'll offer to  your users

Service Senses Canvas (beta)

Create and map multi-sensorial experiences

Why do workshops work? [beta]

Learn why workshops are such a great collaboration tool for any organization.

Workshop Checklist

Remember to take all the important material for your next workshop.

Workshop Hub (Notion Template)

Checklists, planner and workshop proposal all in one Notion Template

Workshop planner template

Plan your workshop by the minute with this spreadsheet template.

Workshop Playlist

A selection of 18+ sound tracks I used as background music during my workshops.

Workshop presentation template

Quickly build slides for your next workshop with this template

Based on years of workshops

These resources and courses are based on 9+ years of workshops facilitated by a crazy Swiss Innovation Coach.
Daniele Catalanotto