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Featured translation: A Tiny History of Service Design in Russian

Olga and Sergei from the agency Vzleti have translated the book "A Tiny History of Service Design" in Russian and have even created an audio version of the book.
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The translator community

"A big thank you to all the translators around the world who have worked or a working on making these books available to a wider audience."
Daniele Catalanotto

Claire Wu

Claire is an Experience Designer who designs for both growing ventures and large organizations. Her work spans across different industries from shipping to aviation. She has extensive experience in research synthesis, prototyping software, and concept validation. She has lived in 3 countries and speaks 3 languages. Outside of design, she also takes a deep interest in other creative pursuits including fine art, music and dance.

“I usually compare a good experience to books. We should take interest in not just creating a good ending, but also composing a delightful experience from page to page.”

Claire is working on the translation of the book "What is Service Design" in Chinese.
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