Ten simple UX rule of thumbs by Daniele Catalanotto

Ten simple UX rule of thumbs

Learn 10 very simple UX design rules of thumb that will help you make your app simpler and better for your users. 

What's included?

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This is a beta course
1. Assume I'll make a mistake
2. Tell me what it does
3. Show me where I am
4. Show me the different families
5. If it does the same thing, it should look the same
6. Aesthetic has meaning
7. Make it big enough for my fat fingers
8. We don't have all the same eyes
9. Don't reinvent the wheel
10. Test it, seriously just test it.
Checklist: Review your app

Checklist included

At the end of the course you'll be able to download a checklist that summarizes all the learnings in one sheet of paper.