What Are the Basics of Service Design? by Daniele Catalanotto

What Are the Basics of Service Design?

Learn the basics principles for good Service Design in just 6 videos.

What will you learn

In this tiny video course, you’ll learn the basic principles of Service Design. You’ll learn that
  • Good services are constantly evolving,
  • Good service design goes beyond marketing, and
  • Good service design goes beyond your business.

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos Text Icon 5 text files


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What is design?
What is a service?
So what is Service Design?
The First Draft of Anything Is Shit
1 min
Make It Easy for Customers to Come Back
1 min
Selling Is Not the End, It’s the Start
2 mins
Always Think About What Happens Before and After Your Service
2 mins
Every Customer Mistake Is Your Mistake
2 mins
It’s Your Fucking Job to Know What I Should Buy
2 mins
Going further

The author

Daniele is a Service Design and Innovation Coach who helped during the last 9+ years organizations around the world find simple solutions to complex problems.
Daniele Catalanotto
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