Why do workshops work? [beta] by Daniele Catalanotto

Why do workshops work? [beta]

Learn why workshops are such a great collaboration tool for any organization.

What you'll learn in this course

In this course, you will discover
  1. what the problems 🤕 of today's collaboration formats are;
  2. why and when workshops are a great collaboration tool ⚡️;
  3. what's the impact of workshops 🚀;
  4. resources to get you started if you are already convinced 🛠.

It takes just 35 minutes

How long does it take?
This little course will take you 35 minutes of reading time, that's fast! 🚀
It's organized around 34 bite-sized learning moments that will take you just a little bit more than one minute to read.

What's included?

Text Icon 34 text files

The course outline

✅ Introduction
This is a beta
What you'll learn in this course
Workshops using Design Thinking
🤕 The problems with collaboration today
1. Meetings as only tool for collaboration
2. Lack of training
3. Monopoly versus Football
4. Stakeholder triangulation
5. Listening isn't hearing
6. The “not done by us” syndrome
7. Diverge and converge at the same time
8. No users included
The right collaborative tool
⚡️ Why workshops work
IKEA effect
Show don't tell
Multiple prototypes
Seperate tasks
Cultural hacks
External facilitator
Everybody in the same room
🚀 The impact of workshops
Accelerate projects
Reduce risks
Learn new skills
Feel involved
🔎 Going further
Who uses workshops?
Resources for your first workshop
A little gift 💌
A little thank you note

Your coach

Daniele is an Innovation Coach that has run workshops for 9 years in many organizations around the world.  Today he continues to be a facilitator and also tries to teach those facilitation skills so that organization don't need him anymore.
Daniele Catalanotto