Workshop Hub (Notion Template) by Daniele Catalanotto

Workshop Hub (Notion Template)

Checklists, planner and workshop proposal all in one Notion Template

Plan your workshop like a pro ⚡ī¸

This template for the Notion App helps you prepare your workshop by:

  1. Setting expectations 👍 with your clients
  2. Planning ⏰ the activities by the minute
  3. Collecting and documenting 📸 workshops results (photos and videos)
  4. Reviewing the usual checklist ✅ items that happen for most workshops

✅ What can you do with this template?

The template is a one page Notion document that has the following elements pre-designed for you:

Set the right expectations

Show in a simple summary what will happen during the workshop and clarify what are the planned outcomes. Finally make sure there aren't unmeet expectations by clarifying what your workshop doesn't do.

Clarify what it will cost

Show simply how much time and money will be need to make your workshop happen.

Build your workshop schedule

Plan your next innovation workshop by the minute and share your plan easily with stakeholders.
After the workshop add simply videos and photos and you have your workshop documentation ready.

Don't forget the tiny details

Shit, where I forgot to bring my HDMI adapter... The checklist helps you avoid such moments that make you look stupid in front of your clients. The checklist covers 35+ tasks 

What's included?

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Thank you 💌
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The creator

Daniele is an Innovation Coach that has run workshops for 9 years in many organizations around the world.  Today he continues to be a facilitator and also tries to teach those facilitation skills so that organization don't need him anymore.
Daniele Catalanotto