Workshop planner template by Daniele Catalanotto

Workshop planner template

Plan your workshop by the minute with this spreadsheet template.

Based on years of workshops

This template condenses best practices from years of preparing and running workshops. Since I use such a planner I always finish my workshops perfectly on time or even with a few extra minutes for a bonus exercice.
Daniele Catalanotto

Verify that your workshop idea works in the given time.

Write down how much time you have, and compare it with the time your activities take. The template comes with the basics that every workshop needs: introduction, break, conclusion and buffer time.

Onboard colleagues

Share easily your workshop idea with colleagues. The template provides a clear structure that highlights the goal of each activity and who takes responsibility for it.

A free and open source template

This template can be downloaded for free and is released under the Creative Commons licence which lets you adapt it as you wish.

What's included?

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