Workshop presentation template by Daniele Catalanotto

Workshop presentation template

Quick start your workshop creation with this presentation template for Google Slides, Powerpoint and Apple Keynote.

Based on years of workshops

This template condenses best practices from years of running workshops and having to create presentations that both capture attention and convey clear information.
Daniele Catalanotto

A template to help you both design and structure your next workshop presentation

Set expectations before jumping into activities

Before each set of activities define what these activities will help participants reach. This is a short summary that helps participants understand the big picture behind a set of activities.

Show the length and group setting for each activity.

Describe your workshop activity quickly. This template forces you to condense the activity "how-to" guide in a short format and always think about how long the activity takes and how the participants should interact. Is it a solo activity? Do we do it all together or do we split in groups of  three?

Build your presentation faster with pre-colored illustrations and icons

Usually you don't have days to prepare your workshop. That's why this template integrates some great open source illustrations and icons. This enables you with a few copy and past to build great looking presentations in just minutes.

What's included in the template?

The Workshop Presentation Template comes with 12 uniques slide templates, and over 70 re-usuable elements like graphs, icons, illustrations or diagram elements. This will help you create your workshop presentation in minutes.