WTF is incremental innovation by Daniele Catalanotto

WTF is incremental innovation

Learn what incremental innovation is and why it should matter to you.

What's included?

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What you'll learn
I'm biased as fuck
What you won't learn
WTF is incremental innovation?
Technology view of innovation
Outcome view of innovation
So what the fuck is incremental innovation?
10 Examples and impacts of incremental innovation
1. More conversion
2. Less thefts
3. Less electricity consumption
4. Less cleaning costs
5. Less pain with better timing
6. Less pain with more beauty
7. Better health with pets
8. Less death and 2 million dollars with a checklist
9. Better productivity with stupid plants
10. Better productivity with fewer work days
The mindset of incremental innovation
Benefits of incremental innovation
The dangers of incremental innovation
Not all incremental innovations are equal
Going further
Nudges and behavioral design
Recommended articles
Recommended books
End notes
Thank you note