What you'll learn and what you won't

What you can learn

So what can you expect from this course? At the end of it, you should have learned:
  1. What ideation is, why it's important and when it can be dangerous stupid thing
  2. What the core principles for a positive and healthy ideation session are
  3. What are some tools to help you kickstart your ideation process and where to find more
  4. How to prioritize the hundreds of ideas you have created
  5. How to run a typical idea generation process with friends or colleagues
  6. Where to find more content about ideation to learn even more

What this course isn't

Okay, as you'll see we cover a lot of stuff, but I for each topic I won't go into every tiny detail but just give you a good enough overview so that you can get started.

This course isn't here for those who just want the quick tools in five minutes. For that you might just watch some short YouTube tutorial. Here I'll try to give an overview.

This course also isn't there for my lovely academic folks. It's a summary I've written for people who don't know shit about innovation.

Still here? Great! Then we can really start now. And let's start by discovering what the fuck ideation really is.

Hey, I'm biased

As an innovation consultant I have seen many idea generation rounds go to shit. So I'm a bit critical about a too optimistic view on ideation. That's why I will sound  like an old grump grand pa from time to time and warn you about the bad stuff  that can happen with innovation. So if you were looking for a 100% optimistic view and religious view like "ideation will save the world" please leave this page now.

Basics of Ideation for Innovation (Alpha version)

A future course teaching ideation theory and methods.

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