In the world of design and innovation people like me love to use two words to describe the two big set of attitudes that we use: either we diverge, or we converge.

To diverge, or divergent thinking or divergent problem solving are basically fancy words to say that we are looking for as many weird and possible solutions and ideas as possible without being critical or too constrained by what's possible.

To converge, or convergent thinking or convergent problem solving are basically fancy words to say that we are trying to lower the number of solutions, sort the good stuff from the bad stuff and start making decisions to clear the mess we previously created.

Designers and innovators often have this view that you should not mix the two mindsets. You can diverge and converge at the same time, or you'll feel like a bipolar crazy boss.

It will feel as if you said to yourself: okay mate, let's get crazy and find new ideas. But wait, this one is shit! But I need more ideas. But wait, this one isn't precise enough yet.

Okay, all of this to say, that ideation is mostly focused on using the divergent mode of thinking. This means that ideation is following an approach where we are looking for new stuff without being critical.

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