There is plenty of time to argue with new ideas later. They key is to take careful notes first and debate second. — Jim Rohn

We've already touched this idea when speaking about the divergent mindset. But let's take  a moment to remind ourself this: when we are generating ideas we are in a mode where we pause criticism, because we know that criticism will block us from generating many ideas.

Also we know that our critical thinking is not stopped for ever, but can just rest while we do the ideation process. Right after the ideation process, we will need our critical mind to be sharp in order to help us  to select which ideas are great and which ideas just served as first drafts to bring us to the few great ideas we had.

Remember, we want to avoid the bipolar boss mindset: asking for exploration, and at the same time say: yeah but that's not what I had in mind.

Basics of Ideation for Innovation (Alpha version)

A future course teaching ideation theory and methods.

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