What you'll learn in this course

Hi there 👋
thanks for joining this course 🤓 I always feel honored when someone new joins a course. It's a big source of motivation for me. 

The content

So, what will you learn in this little course? In this course, you will discover
  1. what the problems of today's collaboration formats are;
  2. why and when workshops are a great collaboration tool;
  3. what's the impact of workshops
  4. resources to get you started if you are already convinced 🚀

The format

As this is certainly your first look at workshops I've tried to keep things as short and unboring as possible 🤓 Each section presents just one idea in a down to earth language. If you don't know shit about workshops that's perfect. 

Who teaches me this?

Hey, sorry I didn't introduce myself yet. I'm Daniele. I'm an innovation coach who also has a passion for teaching. If it can reassure you can just stalk my LinkedIn profile to see where I worked and what people say about me 😉

Okay, before we start, I just need to add a little nota bene: not all workshops are equal. Let's discover more on this together. 🔎

Why do workshops work? [beta]

Learn why workshops are such a great collaboration tool for any organization.

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