The problems with collaboration

Collaboration is important...

Collaboration is an important part of any business right? Even studies it. For example, a study found out that about 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as "very important". Yeah. It's important.

... but broken

But often collaboration at work feels broken. Right? In this chapter, we will discover together why collaboration is often so complicated in the workplace today. 

And we need to understand why

You might think: hey Daniele, I know that collaboration sucks in my organization! Just give me the damn solution! If you want you can jump directly to the last section of this chapter to see that.

But I believe that before wanting to fix a problem we need to better understand what the problem really is. It's like having a headache. If you go straight to the solution you might just take some pain killers, when in fact you might have cancer. 

Eight problems 

In this chapter, you'll learn about eight problems that make collaboration in the workplace difficult today. Okay, ready? Let's start with the first issue ⚡️

Why do workshops work? [beta]

Learn why workshops are such a great collaboration tool for any organization.

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