The impact of workshops


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So, in the last chapter, you learned from studies why workshops work so well and you also learned a few tricks that make collaboration easier.

What you'll learn now

This third chapter is for the skeptics. If you are one of those you might think: "Yeah that sounds all nice but does he have proof that it works?". That's what's this chapter is here for. Now you'll discover the different measured impacts of workshops. For this, I use evaluations done in my own workshops. But I don't stop there.

Workshops are a design thinking moment

Workshops are moments of collaboration that use what the fancy academics love to call "Design Thinking". It basically describes what's the method and tools that creative people use for problem solving and innovation. And those tools and methods are also used in workshops.

Data and personal experience

Lately, there was a bunch of great quantitative research done on the topic by the guys at IBM. They tried to calculate the return on investment of using Design Thinking. So I'll use their findings to illustrate with data what I have experience in practice.

Why do workshops work? [beta]

Learn why workshops are such a great collaboration tool for any organization.

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