Brands like these is an ideation exercice which uses another set of constraints. As with the crazy 8 you have a specified  time amount to sketch one idea. It can be one, two or three minutes.

The participants have to solve the problem as another brand would do it. To help, the facilitator selects before the ideation session a  few brands, 8 to 10 for example. Each time the facilitator shows a brand name or logo, the team has to generate at least one idea about how this brand would fix the problem. Once the time is over, the facilitator shows the next logo and participants have to solve the same problem, but this time from the perspective of this new brand.

More details

In this short video I give an overview of how I use this technic and then follow up with selection and feedback exercices.

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I've created a paid template that you can use if  you want  to use this ideation technic without having to prepare the slides and explanations.

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