Use this card when you want to veto your decision without further discussion or voting

Workshops usually use a co-creative decision system where every voice is heard. When working in top down structures where you have to involve the CEO or a manager that needs to show power, the Joker Card can be helpful. This card allows the manager or CEO to take a decision without further voting or discussion. This veto can also be used to go against a decision taken by the group.

Usually this card is given to the highest ranking member of the team and this person can use it only one time.

This card works really well as it forces the leader to show that he wants to take the decision all by himself. Others will have to respect the decision but are still allowed to find it stupid. Every time I used the Joker Card in a meeting or workshop setting the decision makers didn't use. As you recognize the power of the leader, he doesn't have to express this power in other ways like taking decision that go against the group will.

Psychological Safety Cards for Workshops

Help workshop participants tell you how they feel instead of hiding emotions.

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