You’re already halfway through this course! Congrats 👏! In the second week, you learned how you can better handle errors, make the waiting time less horrible, use smarter pricing to make people happy and even how you can make your service more personal to your users. Yep, you learned a lot 🤯!

To improve your service, you must know what the problems are that need to be fixed. In order to do that, you need to better understand how it feels to be one of your customers. 

We have already seen, in the introduction to the previous week, that as service creators or owners, we do not always have the same feelings as our users or customers 😟. We think we do a terrific job but our users and customers might disagree with that, as we learned from the Bain & Company study. In this chapter, we will try to be a bit more critical 🧐. We will try to change our view regarding our own services. And we will go out and discover what our customers and users really think about our services.

What you’ll learn this week

This week you’ll discover some tips and principles that will help you find out if you make your customers feel like shit. You learn that
  • Before asking customers feedback, you need to change your mindset,
  • Testing is something that never really stops, and
  • You shouldn’t believe what people say but look out for what they do.

After a hard week, this one will be a bit easier with 8 little videos ready for you. 

So, let’s get started with the first principle in this chapter which is called: “Eat Your Own Shit.” Yep, that’s a pretty poetic start for a new week, I know 😜.