Hey Mauro, what the fuck is Service Design?

We are going through a moment of profound transformation in the market and at this moment companies will need to put the consumer in the forefront in order to differentiate and get the right attention. The idea of "one size fits all" is no longer a standard and Service Design, which is not a new matter, is gaining much relevance in the market because it is a tool that helps companies to create products and services made customized for each consumer. This does not mean that efficient products and services that have been designed for decades will be ignored. Service Design ultimately helps in assessing complex scenarios to address technology and business environment in a more agile way, driving innovation to the core of business strategy, regardless of the area where it operates. Understanding this movement takes the Service Design to several areas, reinforcing your role as a tool that helps companies to improve and strength the relationship with their customers.

An answer by Mauro Bastos

Lisbon, Portugal
Managing Partner Europe & Chief Digital Officer at kyvo

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